Class C Motorhome Sales on the Rise

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Class C motorhome sales have increased drastically over the last five years, and safety may play a major role in their popularity. According to the RV Consumer Group, these are few reasons why the class C RV is safer than its large cousin, the greyhound bus-like Class A RV:

Class C motorhome sales have been on the increase since the early 70's, but their popularity continues to grow. Most likely folks are realizing the budget-friendly benefits of traveling in an RV, as opposed to flying to a destination point, renting a car and setting up in a hotel. The class C is much fuel-friendlier than its large cousin, the class A.

At Cruise America, we specialize in class C RV rentals and class C motorhome sales. While we used to rent the larger vehicles, the safety and convenience of the class C drove us to the realization that class C is the way to go. To look at the inventory of class C motorhome sales and rental opportunities by Cruise America, visit our website or give us a call, and allow us to introduce you to the wonder of class C RV travel.

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