Renting RVs is Like Renting a Pair of Roller Skates


Renting RVs is, in a bizarre way, similar to renting roller skates. While not a professional roller skater, I have graced the rink a time or two with my children. Each time I go, I have to rent a pair of skates because I don’t actually own a pair. When I travel, I must also take similar steps when I rent an RV from Cruise America. Here are the steps one must take to rent roller skates and to rent RVs:

Now there is the question of whether to buy your own roller skates rather than rent them every time. This would be a matter of preference, but it stands to reason that if you roller skate every week, it may behoove you to buy your own. However, they will eventually get old and worn. When you rent them, you can be assured they will always be in good condition and not too very "used."

The same logic applies to whether or not you buy your own motorhome or keep renting one. Perhaps, if you travel constantly, ou may wish to buy a used motorhome from Cruise America. You can get a great deal on it, but then the maintenance and upkeep is all on you. If you don’t travel constantly, but just from time to time, it may behoove you to continue renting from Cruise America. You will always get an RV that has been well maintained and is in excellent condition.

Whichever choice you make, you are sure to have a great time, rolling freely and enjoying yourself immensely. This applies to both renting roller skates and renting RVs.

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