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Experience the ease of a RV rental from Cruise America for your next vacation, or as a last-minute housing option. Whether renting a motorhome from one of our 131 nationwide locations or purchasing a used RV at one of our company stores, choosing a Cruise America rental RV is the perfect companion for any road trip.

The opportunities that are available when you use a rental RV are incredible. Whether using the RV for a family vacation or as a a house on wheels, relying on Cruise America has never been easier.

The comfort and versatility of our rental RVs allow customers to use them as more than just a vehicle parked at a campground or RV site. With its vast amount of space, you can use a rental RV as a portable office, providing plenty of area to work and store business files. Or use the RV as an emergency shelter for the whole family, boasting plenty of space and all the necessities. A rental RV can even be a home away from home if you are remodeling and need a comfortable place to stay for a period of time. Cruise America RVs can even be used for those difficult cross country moves.

The rental RV is a perfect option for people who are not only economically savvy, but also are early planners. Our prices for a rental RV fluctuate based on season, location and most importantly availability-- the earlier you book, the lower your price. Renting an RV from Cruise America is the easy and stress free way to save more and do more. All RV models feature:

No matter what your needs are, Cruise America is the best option for your next trip, and your budget. Wherever you are headed, a family vacation or a long distance move, make it simple with a Cruise America RV. Call toll-free at 800-671-8042 to make your reservation today.

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