Rent a Motorhome — A Wise Financial Move


"Rent a motorhome" was the advice that Steven Moore received from his neighbor when he told him that he might have to cancel his family vacation this year due to budgetary restraints. Those are the exact words that the potential vacationer typed into his search engine five minutes later, and the first thing that popped up was Cruise America. He learned just what he had to do to rent a motorhome:

Cruise America is the nation's leader in recreational vehicle rentals. They have over 130 rental locations across the United States and Canada, as well as 13 sales locations.

Cruise America is in the business of making family vacations affordable, yet they provide the most comfortable means of traveling down our country's highways.

In order to better serve your travel needs and make it easier to rent a motorhome, Cruise America provides four sizes of recreational vehicles. There is the Compact, which sleeps up to three people, the Standard, which sleeps up to five. There is also the Intermediate, which sleeps up to six people, and the Large, which accommodates seven.

When you rent a motorhome from Cruise America, you can be assured that each person will have a comfortable, adequate sleeping area, and that your trip will be a schedule free, hassle free, scenic least as far as your accommodations are concerned.

When you rent a motorhome, you are no longer forced to stop for restroom breaks, nor are restaurants a necessity, as you carry whatever food you want with you (to be prepared in the self-contained kitchen). You no longer have to worry about checking into or out of hotels, because your hotel virtually travels with you. And you can forgo the airline tickets and rental cars.

Steve followed his neighbor's advice to rent a motorhome, and in doing so, he learned a whole new way to enjoy an economical family vacation.

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