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There are Cruise America locations all over the country, which is one of the reasons that they are the leader in the industry of RV rentals and sales. Here are a few other reasons that Cruise America stands above the rest:

The RV lifestyle has proven to be not only one of the most adventurous ways to travel, but also the most relaxing way as well. When you rent an RV from one of our many Cruise America locations, you will find that all of the stress factors of ordinary travel just disappear. There are no schedules to keep, no demands on your time. You have the privilege of making your own agenda; whether you keep it or not.

Cruise America rents RVs for those who like to travel to the places where airplanes don't land. Each RV offers a spectacular view of the attractions you visit. You needn't worry about rental cars or hotels with your Cruise America RV vacation. Your hotel actually travels with you, and the rental car is not needed, as you can drive your motorhome wherever you want to go.

No matter what your requirements are for an RV rental, Cruise America will come through. With more than 130 rental locations and 13 sales locations throughout the country, Cruise America is never far away.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our motorhome rentals, and to learn where you can find our many Cruise America locations, visit us at

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