The San Diego RV Dealer Is Saddened

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The San Diego RV dealer is disappointed that there is a Cruise America dealership located so close, in Los Angeles. The dealer in San Diego is aware of the incredible deals offered at Cruise America on their used RVs. Here is why you may consider bypassing your San Diego RV dealer and going to Los Angeles to purchase your very own used RV from Cruise America:

While there are Cruise America RV rental locations in San Diego, there are no Cruise America dealerships. The good news, however, is that there is one in the City of Angels just to the north of you. This is bad news, however, for the San Diego RV dealer, as they cannot compete with Cruise America.

Once you see the inventory that is available in Los Angeles, you will find that the short drive is well worth it. Cruise America takes their used motor homes out of the fleet and reconditions them to assure that they are in great condition, ready for the road. If, for any reason they do not have a used motor home to suit your needs, they have twelve other dealerships across the country that have an equally large inventory. Cruise America will even fly you to the dealership to pick up your new RV.

It is well worth the short drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to pick out your new RV. The money you save by purchasing from Cruise America will more than pay for your time and travel to select it and take it home.

San Diego RV dealers are not happy that Cruise America is so close, but they are learning to cope!

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