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Explore America's great outdoors with Cruise America RV rentals! Affordable, comfortable and convenient, RV camping is a refreshing alternative to the hassles of traditional tent camping. When you choose Cruise America for your RV rental, you won't have to worry about bad weather or uncomfortable sleeping conditions ruining your trip.

With nationwide locations, there's a Cruise America near you. And whether you're looking for a compact RV, or a larger model, we have the right RV for you.

RV camping gives you access to all the outdoor recreation and natural beauty you could want. You can take your Cruise America RV nearly anywhere - national and state parks, private RV campgrounds, even on cross-country road trips. But unlike tent camping, you never have to worry about setting up camp or packing a cooler - everything you need is right there.

No more worrying about the weather with Cruise America. RV camping lets you take a trip anytime you like, even in the winter! In fact, winter RV camping can be the most exciting, with beautiful rainstorms and snow flurries creating a picturesque landscape. With Cruise America, you can enjoy the cold weather - without getting stuck in it.

Want to avoid the cold altogether? With Cruise America RV rentals, you can discover the beauty of the American Southwest and Pacific coastline all year round. Arizona and Southern California offer warm climates and sunny winters, making them perfect RV camping destinations.

Arizona is a dream come true for winter RV campers. From the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon and the stunning red rocks of Sedona to the world-renowned golf courses and resorts of Scottsdale and Phoenix, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Arizona. And with Cruise America, you can travel the entire state with ease.

For beautiful beaches, posh resorts and incredible recreation options, Southern California RV camping is the way to go. From San Diego's famed Coronado Island and Hollywood's exciting entertainment on the coastline to the classic resort town of Palm Springs and the rugged beauty of the Mojave Desert further east, Southern California offers an RV experience more diverse than you could imagine. You can even attend world-famous cultural events like the Coachella Valley Music Festival!

No matter what time of year or where your destination, Cruise America makes RV camping easy and affordable. Call us toll-free at 800-671-8042 to find out more, or make your reservation now!

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