Family Reunion Locations

Choosing perfect family reunion locations.

Planning a family reunion or class reunion, and not sure where to go? Cruise America RV rental has the answer! Find great tips for fun family reunion locations, plus class reunion ideas here.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to plan your family reunion, and spending time outdoors is a great way to reconnect with the family and enjoy each other's company. Renting an RV with Cruise America is an increasingly popular way to bring the family together without spending money on hotel rooms. Plus, RV rentals allow you to choose whatever family reunion locations you want - national and state parks, beaches, famous landmarks and more.

Another benefit to choosing RV camping for your family reunion or class reunion is simple logistics. If your family is spread out across several states, many family members will need to travel long distances to get to the event. With RV rentals, your family can travel to the event in their spacious RV and have a place to stay throughout the reunion. And if your family reunion destination is a relative's house or old homestead, your RV will keep the house from getting too crowded, so you can stay with your family without burdening them.

Find out more about reserving your family reunion RV today, or read on for our guide to a fun family or class reunion.

Tips for planning a fun family reunion.

Plan ahead and choose your class and family reunion locations wisely, and you're sure to have a great trip. See Cruise America's vacation planning guide for more great ideas!

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