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Make cross-country moving less stressful with Cruise America.

If cross-country moving is in your plans, you're probably dreading all the hassle - cramming the whole family into one car, packing up all your final possessions, and trekking across thousands of miles. But cross-country moving can actually be a great way to see the US - if you plan it right. With a Cruise America RV rental, you can turn your long-distance move into a family vacation.

When you hire professional movers to ship your furniture and other possessions, they'll usually need several days to reach your new home. With that extra time, why not explore a national park, go sightseeing, or visit family friends during your cross-country move? It's sure to be more fun than waiting around an empty new house for the movers to arrive - and you'll have the opportunity to see places you may never otherwise visit. When you rent an RV or travel trailer from Cruise America for your trip, you'll find it easy to spend a few days RV camping or taking an RV road trip.

Cruise America has nationwide rental locations, so it's easy to find a place to rent near where you live. One-way RV rentals are also welcome - just drop off your RV at a location near your new home.

Tips for fun cross-country moving.

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