Country Thunder

How to Survive Country Thunder: Tips and Advice

Thinking of heading to Country Thunder in Texas, Wisconsin or Arizona? Before you buy your tickets for the four-day country music and camping extravaganza, check out the top tips to surviving a Country Thunder Concert from Jerry Violette, a seven-year Country Thunder Arizona veteran and an experienced RV camper.

For the past five years, Violette has rented an RV from Cruise America RV rental, the largest provider of RV rentals and RV sales in the world. Read on for his guide to making the Country Thunder concert enjoyable year after year.

Country Thunder Tip #1: Rent an RV

The first two years Violette attended Country Thunder, he drove in and out of the concert each day, facing hours of traffic both ways. "When you're out there in the sun all day long and you get to the end of the night, you really don't feel like driving too much," he says. "It's a lot nicer going back to an RV and camping out." There are other benefits to RV rental as well, Violette says:

Country Thunder Tip #2: Pack with Care

Before heading to the concert, Violette refers to his Country Thunder checklist, where he's lisetd all the easy-to-forget items he doesn't want to be without. Here are some of the most important - and easily missed - items to bring on your Country Thunder RV camping trip:

Country Thunder Tip #3: Choose your Site Wisely

Each Country Thunder concert offers multiple campgrounds, some known for their wild parties, others for their quiet nights and still others for housing big-rig RVs. Visit the official Country Thunder Web site for details on all the camping options available at your concert. By planning ahead, you won't be in the center of the action with your five-year-old on board or find that it's lights out just as you're ready to party.

Country Thunder Tip #4: Show up Early

If possible, plan on showing up on Wednesday, the evening before the festival starts. "By Thursday, there's a whole crowd of people trying to get in and it takes a couple hours to get through," Violette says. "Go one day early and hang out for the evening and get to know the people around you."

Country Thunder Wisconsin RV rentals visit Milwaukee or the Chicago area. Head to Dallas for Country Thunder Texas RV rentals, and visit our headquarters in Mesa or Tucson for Country Thunder Arizona RV rentals. For more tips on RV travel, including guides to renting an RV for events like Coachella and Bonnarroo, visit Cruise America today.

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