Canada Motorhome Vacations

Why Take a Canada Motorhome Vacation?

The US and Canada share the longest border in the world - over 5,500 miles long, including the Alaskan-Canadian border - making it one of America's top destinations for international travel. With its close proximity to a number of major US metropolitan areas, as well as relatively easy border-crossing regulations, a Canada motorhome vacation can be an easy and inexpensive trip.

Because Canada is so easy to get to, many travelers choose to drive across the border, allowing for hassle-free travel throughout the provinces. Driving also allows you to go where planes and public transport cannot, so you can enjoy activities like RV camping in Canada. With Cruise America RV rental, you can take a Canada motorhome vacation and enjoy a convenient trip to our northern neighbors.

Canadians are also welcome to take a Canada RV rental on their motorhome vacation. If you live in Canada, rent an RV at any of our six locations - Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Whitehorse or Halifax. Plus, a Cruise America/Cruise Canada RV rental is also ideal for European travelers who want to explore North America in comfort.

Tips for crossing the border on your Canada motorhome vacation.

Crossing the border is usually a simple process for American citizens, but taking note of current restrictions and requirements before you start your Canada motorhome vacation is an easy way to prevent delays. We recommend visiting the US Department of State's website for the most up-to-date information on traveling abroad.

Need assistance planning your Canada motorhome vacation? Check out the vacation planning guide at Cruise America, and make your Cruise America RV reservation today!

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